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Un mordisco, mon amour

This play takes a look at our popular Costa Rican cuisine. While getting to know the lives of two people who are dedicated to the food business, the everyday life of downtown San Jose is showing up as a mirror of what has always been there in our culture, crossed by a crush that grows as the break yard is visited in the middle of the work days. Yorleny and Jason are going to take your heart. 

Un Mordisco, mon amour is also thought as  our first Theatrical feature film, a funny and heartbreaking story about two people that wanted something more on their lives. And tons of food as well. 

Dirección, dramaturgia y concepto: Natalia Mariño

Producción y comunicación: Jennifer Monge 

Actuación: Gabriela Alfaro  Castillo y Alvaro Aguilar Paris.


Cámara: Natalia Mariño

Edición: Álvaro Aguilar 

Realización de objetos: Ker Chavarría

Publicidad audiovisual: Chimbo Films 

Fotografía: Cukoo koo Photography 

Diseño gráfico: Fernanda Villalobos

Nota de prensa La Nación.

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