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Un Cadáver Exquisito

'An Exquisite Corpse'



Based on the biography of the mexican female artist Frida Kahlo, this play's goal is to use as an expressive vehicle the life of a world-renowned woman, to talk about other (many) women whose lives have been forgotten. Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was related to physical illnesses, loving dependence, the disability to be a mother, political ideology, passion for art, emotional imbalance, madness, death. All these issues that occurred in the artist's life served as material for the creation of the play and generated stimuli to communicate and reflect that these kind of situations could appear in the lives of many women. An Exquisite Corpse, opens the possibility of talking about these "other" female lives, without distinguishing the country, the context, religion, etc; giving importance to the unknown Latin American women and not only to the life of the artist.

Premiered in 2013

Direction: Natalia Mariño

Acting: Gabriela Alfaro, Amanda Méndez, Daniela Mora,  Andreína Quirós and  Melissa Chan

Costume design: Natalia Mariño

Graphic design: Fernanda Villalobos

Photography: Cukoo koo Photography

Presentations and festivals:

-I Festival Itinerante de Teatro Latinoamericano Ambar (FITLA 2013), Costa Rica.

-Festival Nacional de las Artes (FNA 2013), sede Guayabo de Mora, Costa Rica.

 -X Temporada de Jóvenes Directoras. (Universidad de Costa Rica, 2013)

-Cultural association Utopía. Monte de Piedad, México DF. (2013)

 -Colectivo Tutuma,  cultural forum of the Oaxaca's historic downtown. Oaxaca. México.

-189 Anniversary of the Benemérita Escuela Normal Manuel Avila Camacho.

Zacatecas, México. (2013)

-Theater Fernando Calderón. Zacatecas, México. (2013)

-Mairena del Alcor's International Youth Festival, Sevilla, España. (2014) 


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