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Monsieur is a monologue about Joaquín, a man who lives the present clinging to a fictional past where he remember himself as a great singer. It takes the issue of loneliness and the memory of what could not be: professional success, male identity, love and the decadence that surrounds him in his own space.


Bukowski, Sinatra, Cohen, Gainsbourg, Montand, Castaña: they are some male artists of the 20th century, references of success, charisma and talent. Joaquín was built on these masculine images, pretending to be one of these inspirations. However, under the image of light and success of these others, Monsieur draws a shadow and travels in it. Throughout the play the character speaks / sings to us in Spanish, French or English, at the same time that he shows musical fragments of the chanson française, jazz, spoken word, folk and tango.

Premiered in 2017.

Directing: Natalia Mariño

Acting: Carlitos Miranda

Production: Jennifer Monge (La chica de la roncha)

Playwright: Natalia Mariño and Carlitos Miranda

Graphic design: Maricruz Vargas

Scenography: Andrea Calvo

Costume design: Natalia Mariño

Vocal Coaching: Grupo 31

Photography: Cukoo koo Photography

Press release (Spanish)

Theatre critique (Spanish)


La verdad es una mentira bien contada, Article written by Tobías Ovares for the cuban theatre magazine Conjunto, N  187, Casa de las Américas (Spanish).

'Monsieur' par la compagnie delCarmen – All by myself – de la solitude et de la banalité, pour Floriane Toussaint. 

Presentations and festivals:

-La Casona Iluminada, June and September (2017).

-Festival Casa Tomada, IV Encuentro de pensamiento y creación joven en las Américas. La Habana, Cuba, 2017. 

-Festival Internacional de las Artes (FIA 2018). San José, Costa Rica. 

-Diversity Month at the  Sala Vargas Calvo, Teatro Nacional, (June 2018).

-XI Encuentro Nacional de Teatro (2018). San José, Costa Rica. 

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