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Ya no son las mismas flores 

'they are no longer the same flowers' 


Five women live in a house: Bernarda and her four daughters. Bernarda keeps her daughters locked in a long mourning for the father's death, as well as under total repression which provokes bad blood and envy among the sisters who see the time pass without hope of getting married. The attempt of the mother to affirm constantly and violently her authority in front of her daughters, gives rise to the tragedy. They are no longer the same flowers proposes a re-reading through Lorca's play, emphasizing the different perspectives of female sexuality taken from the discourse proposed by the original work, texts by other authors and writing processes by the actresses and director. The play dialogues between music, text and flamenco to carry out its history, a passage through the lives of these women and how they approach their freedoms through elements such as dance, sex, love (or lack of it) and loneliness.


Premiered in 2014.

Direction: Natalia Mariño

Production: Nayubel Montero


Acting: Gabriela Alfaro, Madelaine Garita, Natalia Mariño, Ana Lucía Rodríguez and

Yael Salazar


Music: Fabián Arroyo, Jagdish Hall, Ana Lucía Rodríguez and Juan José Torres

Graphic design: Antonio Mendez

Costume design: Natalia Mariño 

Photography: Cukoo koo Photography

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Based on  La Casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca

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