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Viola (1234)


Four women on stage, they share their own way of experiencing rape. Family members, acquaintances, strangers and society  visit them in their spaces, causing them to show themselves as they are, with their questions and their answers about this situation. Four actresses develop stories related to the social and personal consequences of an act of rape: re-thinking/re-interpreting the trauma, erase the idea of ​​'overcoming' over the reality of learning to live with it, questioning the constructions about love and relationships, fear, exposure, how's a victim in everyday life, emotional fictions, corrective lesbian violations ... so many conditions that surround their stories and the journey they take in their lives.


Viola (1234) was premiered in 2015. Afterwards the project was transformed in Viola, a two monologue play.  

Direction: Natalia Mariño

Acting: Yael Salazar, Milena Picado, Maria Luisa Garita and Ana Lucía Rodríguez Soto.

Graphic design: Fernanda Villalobos

Costume design: Natalia Mariño

Photography: Cukoo koo Photography, Ruth Palacín and Luis Alvarado

Press release (Spanish)

Press release 2 (Spanish).

Theatre critique:  urgent and essential theatre (Spanish).

Presentations and festivals: 

-Casa Teatro. San José, Costa Rica. (2015)

-Teatro Montes de Oca, Costa Rica. (2015)

-Expo Teatro Centroamérica, Managua, Nicaragua. (2016)

-Teatro Universitario, Costa Rica. (2016)

-I Festival Mujer, La Casona Iluminada. Costa Rica. (2016)

-CCE Ciudad de Guatemala. (2016)

-IX Encuentro Nacional de Teatro, Costa Rica. (2016)

-Emergentes: encuentro internacional de creadores en las Artes. Sevilla, España. (2017)

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